June 1st - June 2nd

The Rules


Format Rules
  • Group Format on the Saturday with each team guaranteed 3 games.
  • Knockout stage on the Sunday. (Kids tournament is knockout format only)
  • 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss.
  • Game times: Each game is 5 minutes a half.
  • Group stage: Where teams will have an equal number of points, the team that will move out on top will be decided by goal difference. Should teams still be deadlocked it will be decided by the team that scored the most goals, after that least goals conceded, after that head to head record. Under the unlikely scenario where a team cannot be differentiated by the above the team that will come out on top will be decided by a coin toss.
  • Knockout stage: If the score is equal at the end of normal time, extra time is played (see extra time rules for more detail).
  • Substitutions: Roll on, roll off to a maximum of 4 substitutions in total, via the referee at half way line during a stoppage in play. Referee decision is final.
  • In the case of a team not turning up for their match, a walk over will be given with the result being recorded as 3-0 win for the opposing team.
  • Players are required to wear a jersey, shorts, and socks. Jerseys must have sleeves (long or short), with team kit matching (i.e. outfield players wear the same jersey, shorts, and socks).

    Goalkeepers need to wear clearly distinguishable clothes from all outfield players.
Team Rules
  • A maximum of 7 players per squad.
  • Teams must have uniformed gear/Jerseys, shorts and socks.
  • All Players must wear shin guards.
  • Game times: Each game is 5 minutes a half.
  • Rings, ear/nose rings, jewellery, watches are not allowed.
  • Players playing in the men's tournament must be at least 16 years of age to play.
Extra time Rules
  • 3 minute game.
  • No goalkeepers (i.e. 4 a side)
  • First goal wins.
  • If after 3 minutes of extra time there is no score,  each team is reduced to 3 players, and then down to 2 players if there is no score within two minutes.
  • The 2 remaining players of each team will play until one of the teams scores the winning goal.
Additional Rules
  • No Offsides.
  • All free kicks are direct.
  • If a goalkeeper picks up the ball from a back pass, a penalty will be awarded.
  • Obstruction in the penalty area results in a penalty.
  • A Straight Red Card means a player cannot take part anymore in the tournament.
  • THREE Yellow Cards means a player can no longer take anymore part in the tournament 
  • A player who is bleeding must receive treatment on side line and cannot return to play  until referee authorises it.